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The vagina is one of the most important parts of a female body but due to the multiple functions it performs like child birth, sexual intercourse and urination cause it to lose its firmness at quite an early age. Once the vagina loses its firmness it gives birth to many complications both physically and mentally. In this article let us find out more about this problem and the ways through which a vagina can be tightened again.


Problems like urinary incontinence and bad vaginal odor are more common in women with a loose vagina. But the biggest problem that women face due to lack of vaginal firmness is loss of sexual desire due to the decreased feeling of penetration. Such loss of sexual libido sometimes can causes problems in a relationship and in some cases even put an end to it.

Remedial Measures

Thankfully there are ways available these days to re-tighten a vagina basically through surgery and natural herbs. Surgical method is quite an expensive one and is only good till you become pregnant hence it is not a favored option while on the other hand natural vagina tightening creams are a favorite amongst women as they produce instant results and are free from any side effects.


Inner lips (labia minora)

Should not protrude past the outer lips and should not be excessively long or asymmetrical

Outer lips (Labia majora)

Should be well formed and smooth forming an arched look with very small amount of hair follicles

Must read about

Tight Vagina


It should be tight or snug, small in size with a pink colour tone

Clitoris and hood

Should not be excessively big or small and hood should not be too large or thick

There is also a muscle that supports your urethra. If this becomes weak from a lack of vagina tightening, it can actually fail and allow your uterus to fall into your vaginal canal. In worst case scenarios, it can actually fall out of the vaginal canal and can be seen from the outside of your vagina.

Women's Personal Dryness

Vaginal Contraction Exercises or